Immediate loading in implant dentistry: surgical, prosthetic, occlusal and laboratory aspects


  • V. Jiménez-López


The relatively new treatment modality that allows some patients to achieve oral rehabilitation with implants in a single day requires careful attention to all aspects of care. This book presents basic concepts about immediate implant loading and describes the surgical, prosthodontic, and laboratory techniques available. It highlights the “hows,” “whos,” and “whens” of immediate implant loading and offers a wide variety of solutions for each situation, allowing the reader to select the one most suited for a given case. Various case types, including single-tooth, partial bridge, and complete maxillary and mandibular restorations, are followed from preoperative evaluation to surgical procedure to postoperative care and accompanied by numerous clinical photographs. The last chapter of the book discusses the occlusal-related problems commonly associated with implants and how to address them. Because immediate implant loading requires the cooperation of many different practitioners, this book also emphasizes the critical importance of working as a team to reach a result that is satisfactory for everyone involved, including the patient.

ISBN: 84-89873-33-X

Published Date: 2005

Page Count: 262  , File Size: 20 Mb

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Immediate Loading in Implant Dentistry: Surgical, Prosthetic, Occlusal and Laboratory Aspects

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