Implant Dentistry Today: A multidisciplinary approach (Volume I, II, III)


  • Dr. Leonard I. Linkow


Dr. Leonard I. Linkow is credited as the father of the emerging field of oral implantology. He has started a new era in the understanding of endosteal implants with his bladevents but also developed new advanced designs and applications particularly of the subperiosteal implant, of which he has done more than anyone in the world. Above all his accomplishments, Dr. Linkow challenged the scientific dental community to investigate, to qualify and to quantify dental implants as an alternative restorative treatment. More than anybody else Dr. Linkow has considered the importance of a biomechanical correct design, an indispensable condition for long lasting results. He invented the blade implant, accepting the challenge to find solutions for those very difficult cases which have minimal bone and knife-edged ridges. With perfect justice he has been honored – the first one in the world – with professor’s degree in Dental Implantology, becoming at once one of the most gleaming “jewels in the crown” of the New York University Dental Center. Through his vision and persistence, oral implantology is where it is today, an accepted alternative treatment modality for partial and total edentulism.

ISBN: 88-299-0739-1
ISBN: 978-88-299-0739-7
Published Date: 1990
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