Implantology Step by Step, 2nd Edition

Author : 

  • Christoph T. Sliwowski

Description :     

In this practical textbook, the author presents innovative and contemporary treatment strategies for the protocols of implant dentistry that span the discipline, from simple single-tooth restoration to complex full-arch rehabilitation of edentulous arches involving sinus elevation and immediate implant placement. Delineated in the book are treatment protocols for clinical situations with different baseline conditions and levels of difficulty, including a section devoted to treating the fully edentulous patients. New technologies, including 3D diagnosis enabled by CBCT, are analyzed for their effectiveness and efficiency. In addition, important complications are discussed within the context of their causes and management; the author does not shy away from presenting examples of implant therapy with unsatisfactory results, valuing the instructive worth of problematic or controversial cases. This book provides valuable instruction and guidance to student practitioners on the most up-to-date protocols in implant dentistry.

ISBN: 978-1-85097-281-5

e-Book ISBN: 978-3-86867-291-6

Published Date: 2015

Page Count: 1171  (Converted to PDF)

File Size: 112 Mb

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Implantology Step by Step, 2nd Edition

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