Interpreting Dental Radiographs (Quintessentials)


Keith Horner
John Rout
Vivian E Rushton


After clinical history-taking and examination, radiography is the “third way” of diagnosis, and dentists face the daily task of interpreting radiographic images to help in patient management. This book aims to give a comprehensive guide to reading x-ray images in dental practice and concentrates on intraoral radiographs. The text builds on a strong foundation of anatomical knowledge and is reinforced by the authors’ experience of the radiological appearances that frequently challenge dentists.


Chapter 1 Basic Principles
Chapter 2 Normal Anatomy
Chapter 3 Dental Caries
Chapter 4 Radiology of the Periodontal Tissues
Chapter 5 Periapical and Bone Inflammation
Chapter 6 Anomalies of Teeth
Chapter 7 Trauma to the Teeth and Jaws
Chapter 8 Assessment of Roots and Unerupted Teeth
Chapter 9 Radiolucencies in the Jaws
Chapter 10 Mixed Density and Radiopapque Lesions

ISBN: 1-85097-316-4

Published Date: 2003

Page Count: 191  , File Size: 5 Mb

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