Manual of Clinical Periodontics


Reddy Shantipriya


This manual was written with a purpose of helping the students to overcome various difficulties they come across while recording clinical case history, arriving at a proper diagnosis and executing various treatment procedures. The clarity and simplicity of the language adopted in the manual will benefit the students in understanding and applying the principles of clinical periodontics. Manual is divided under the sections of case history format, clinical examination, diagnosis and treatment plan, periodontal instruments and instrumentation. They have been elaborated and presented with self-explanatory flow charts, clinical photographs and colored diagrams. The Manual of Clinical Periodontics summarizes a vast branch of clinical periodontology in a nutshell, guiding the undergraduate students to a deeper insight into the subject.

ISBN: 978-93-5025-171-3

Published Date: 2011

Page Count: 106 , File Size: 3 Mb


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