Manual of Temporomandibular Disorders, 4th Edition


  • Edward F. Wright
    Gary D. Klasser


Fully updated with the latest information in the field, this comprehensive book provides a practical guide to diagnosing and managing temporomandibular disorders in the dental practice. Written in an accessible, user-friendly style, it offers a simplified approach to the basic concepts and management decision points for the most commonly observed temporomandibular conditions, integrating the latest advances and advice throughout. Quick Consult, Focal Point, and Technical Tip boxes provide quick access to relevant information, and study results are summarized in graphs for ease of comprehension. 

Manual of Temporomandibular Disorders, Fourth Edition examines an array of medical and dental conditions that affect the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), masticatory muscles, and contiguous structures. It presents evidence-based, clinically practical information to help dentists diagnose TMD accurately, rule out disorders that mimic TMD, and provide effective therapy for most patients. 

Special features include:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Quick Consults, Technical Tips, and Focal Points
  • Information on disorders that mimic TMD and factors that warrant referral
  • Extensive color photographs and line drawings
  • A companion website providing helpful examples and patient handouts

Manual of Temporomandibular Disorders, Fourth Edition is a must-have how-to manual for general dentists, dental students, and residents involved in this area of practice.

ISBN: 978-1-119-54881-2

e-Book ISBN: 9781119548805

Published Date: 2020

Page Count:  413 , File Size: 22 Mb

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Appendices on Website:

Appendix 1 Initial Patient Questionnaire
Appendix 2 TMD Self-Management Therapies
Appendix 3 TMJ Disc–Condyle Complex Disorders
Appendix 4 Occlusal Appliance Care Instructions
Appendix 5 Closure Muscle-Stretching Exercise
Appendix 6 Posture Improvement Exercises
Appendix 7 Referral Criteria for Hygienists
Appendix 8 Laboratory Stabilization Appliance Instructions
Appendix 9 Example of Dental Record Entries
Appendix 10 Examples of Physical Therapy Referral
Appendix 11 Examples of Psychology Referral
Appendix 12 Sources for Additional TMD Information

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Manual of Temporomandibular Disorders, 4th Edition

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