Master Dentistry. Volume 3, Oral Biology


B. K. B. Berkovitz, B. J. Moxham, R. W. A. Linden, A. J. Sloan


A new volume in the successful revision guide series – Master Dentistry – which offers a concise text covering the essentials of oral biology with accompanying self-assessment questions and model answers.

  • Quick reference revision aid for dental students – ideal for exam preparation!
  • Covers the ‘essentials’ of the subject to a level that is expected with the GDC’s curriculum outlined in the First Five Years document.
  • Each chapter provides a brief overview of the topic and lists the essential learning objectives for that area of study.
  • Presents key anatomical, biochemical and physiological material in a useful, integrated, clinically relevant format.
  • Includes extensive self-testing material – true false questions, extended matching questions, picture questions, and essay questions – enabling readers to assess their knowledge and perfect exam techniques.
  • Contains unique, ‘mind-map’ summary sheets to provide crucial information in a pictorial format to further promote learning.

ISBN: 978-0-702-03122-9

Published Date: 2011

Page Count:  311 , File Size: 19 Mb

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