Mastering Digital Dental Photography


  • Wolfgang Bengel


The transition from conventional silverhalide to digital photography raises many questions. What colour depth is necessary? Do the images need editing? If yes, what is the easiest way? What is the safest method to archive images?

All these questions and many more are answered in detail in this book. A closer look is taken not only at typical dental topics such as intraoral, object or portrait photography, but also at subjects such as archiving, image editing and digital presentation techniques. All these topics are enriched with a lot of practical advice.

The author has been involved with dental photography for more than 20 years. He lectures on this topic, not only in Germany, but internationally. From this and from his own experience he is familiar with all the practical problems.

This book will be invaluable to anyone interested in taking the first step into digital photography, as well as to those who wish to progress from conventional to digital photography.

ISBN: 1850971528

Published Date: 2006

Page Count:  396 , File Size: 30 Mb

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