Materials for the Direct Restoration of Teeth, 1st Edition


  • John Nicholson
  • Beata Czarnecka


Materials for the Direct Restoration of Teeth focuses on the important role teeth play in our lives and how biomaterials scientists are ensuring that new dental materials are functional and esthetic.

As research in the field is shifting away from traditional materials like metal, and towards more advanced materials, such as resins and ceramics, this book on the subject of modern materials for the direct repair of teeth provides readers with a comprehensive reference.

The most pertinent modern dental materials and their properties and applications for the direct restoration of teeth are presented, along with case examples and guidance notes making this book an essential companion for materials scientists and clinicians.

Key Features

  • Provides comprehensive coverage of conventional and modern materials for direct restoration of teeth
  • Includes guidance notes and case examples to support dental clinicians in decision-making
  • Authored by a scientist and a clinician, the book provides a balanced and complete treatise of the subject

ISBN: 978-0-08-100491-3
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Published Date: 2016

Page Count: 233 , File Size: 7 Mb

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Materials for the Direct Restoration of Teeth

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