MCQs and Viva in Public Health Dentistry


Sahana S
Shivakumar GC

Key Features
• This book presents point-wise information for better retention during examination.
• New topics like Evidence Based Dentistry, Oral Health Promotion, Critical Appraisal of Literature, Minimal Intervention Dentistry and National Oral Health Policy are included to help students for exam preparation.
• Includes more than 1500 MCQs covering the entire syllabus of Public Health Dentistry.
• Viva points are provided to easily memorize theoretical concepts and fundamentals.
• Both MCQ and viva points are designed to provide accuracy, structured format and overview of the subject.
• Valuable for both aspiring dental students and for students of Public Health Dentistry.

ISBN: 978-93-85891-48-9

Published Date: 2016

Page Count:  235 , File Size: 3 Mb

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