Nanotechnology in Conservative Dentistry

Nanotechnology in Conservative Dentistry


  • Mona Riad
  • Shereen Ibrahim


Nanotechnology in Conservative Dentistry provides a detailed review of the use of nanotechnology in conservative dentistry, from diagnosis and restorative materials, through to tissue engineering and regeneration.

This book covers fundamental topics in the field of conservative dentistry, including caries therapy, dentin reconstruction, pulp protection and more; each chapter reviews and discusses how nanotechnology can be implemented as a novel approach to traditional conservative dentistry techniques, exploring the many uses and advantages of this fast-growing technology. Various nanobiomaterials and technologies are covered, as well as assessment of the biocompatibility and toxicological risks of utilizing nanotechnology in dentistry.

Nanotechnology in Conservative Dentistry will help dentists and materials science academics alike, understand the potential of nanotechnology in dentistry, building on and going beyond traditional concepts and techniques in this field.

ISBN: 9780323902823
e-Book ISBN: 9780323906678
Published Date: 2021
Page Count:  288 , File Size: 5 Mb

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Nanotechnology in Conservative Dentistry