Occlusion (Thomson)




Occlusion focuses on rules that influence the achievement of perfect occlusion, particularly noting the design of the occlusal surfaces of dentures.
The manuscript first offers information on the muscles, joints, and teeth, neuromuscular function, and positions and movements. Topics include mandibular joints and ligaments, roots and occlusal surfaces of the teeth, and muscles of mastication. The book then ponders on occlusion and articulation and functions of the masticatory system.
The publication examines articulators and disturbances and disorders, as well as gnathological articulators, adjustable and plain-hinge articulators, and developmental and functional disturbances. The manuscript also takes a look at analysis and diagnosis and occlusion in fixed restorative procedures. Discussions focus on clinical analysis of occlusal function, articulator analysis, quadrant restorations and the unilateral bridge, and single restoration.
The publication is a dependable source of data for dentists and readers interested in occlusion.

ISBN: 0-7236-0401-0

Published Date: 1975

Page Count:  284 , File Size: 13 Mb

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