Oral Health Care for Socially Disadvantaged Communities


Febronia Kokulengya
Kahabuk Emil Namakuka Kikwilu 
Irene Anderson Kid


This book gathers the current information on management of common oral conditions and proposes an appropriate package for underdeveloped communities. Practical solutions for managing oral conditions in the existing social, political and economic context of the developing countries is provided. This book is a good reference material for undergraduate and postgraduate students, academicians, as well as practising dentists. In this book, the Basic Package of Oral Care (BPOC) forms a pillar of the presentation. A traumatic Restorative Treatment, affordable fluoride tooth paste and relieve of oral pain are presented as an essential minimum package of oral care for any community. This book advocates home care and outreach programmes to reach the elderly. The already existing oral health care delivery system is challenged. This book provides evidence based appropriate oral care.

ISBN: 978-1-61470-924-4

Published Date: 2012

Page Count: 307  , File Size: 4 Mb

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