Oral Health-Related Quality of Life by Marita Rohr Inglehart

  • Marita Rohr Inglehart
  • Robert A. Bagramian

Helping patients achieve an optimal quality of life through patient-centered treatment planning should be the ultimate goal of all oral health care providers. However, this issue extends beyond the realm of the individual clinician’s office. This text presents quality-of-life research from various fields, including psychology, public health, and general health care; discusses how a patient-centered approach can be applied to basic oral and craniofacial research, clinical dental practice, community dental health issues, and dental education; and addresses how oral health–related quality of life relates to treating and understanding different patient populations, such as children with special needs, medically compromised patients, patients with oral cancer, and patients with chronic facial pain. Also discussed is how factors such as race/ethnicity, gender, and age can affect oral health–related quality-of-life concerns and treatment strategies. Finally, the book offers an outlook on the role that oral health–related quality of life will play in future research and dental education.

ISBN: 0-86715-421-7
Book ISBN: 978-0-86715-421-4
Published Date: 2002
Page Count:  227 , File Size: 14 Mb

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