Oral Rehabilitation: A Case-Based Approach


Iven Klineberg
Diana Kingston


This book provides its readers with a structured approach to decision-making and case management in oral rehabilitation. It is built around actual patient cases from simple prosthodontics to complex full-mouth reconstructions, demonstrating a formal process by which a diagnosis and treatment plan is reached. Grounded firmly in evidence-based principles, the book also includes a chapter on literature searching in dentistry, which is critical for acquiring a knowledge-base for informed decisions in clinical treatment.

Featuring an approach to prosthodontics and oral rehabilitation that is both instructional and practical, Oral Rehabilitation: A Case-Based Approach will help clinicians to develop the necessary skills to make consistent, evidence-based clinical decisions.


• Presents a case-based process showing how diagnosis and treatment is achieved
• Covers a range of clinical scenarios from simple to complex presentations
• Illustrates each case fully, with stages documented by colour photographs
• Emphasises inter-disciplinary management in prosthodontics
• Accompanied by a website containing illustrative video clips

ISBN: 978-1-4051-9781-6

Published Date: 2012

Page Count: 438  , File Size: 150 Mb

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