OSCE for Clinical Dental Sciences


  • PVK Chakravarthy
  • Ajay Telang
  • Lahari A Telang
  • Jayashri Nerali


The aim of this book is to help dental students prepare for OSCEs at various levels by providing them with a wide variety of OSCEs with answers from content experts from different regions of the world. It is believed that this is the strength of book as it brings together expert opinion, different styles and experiences in OSCE design, which is not restricted to a particular region. This book will help the student prepare for similar examinations and hopefully contribute towards integrated learning and assessment in clinical dentistry. However, it is not to replace a textbook or to teach clinical skills and it may not help without a sound knowledge of relevant topics.

Published Date: 2014

Page Count: 162  , File Size: 4 Mb

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