In the years since Overdentures was first published, it has served as a great stimulus for its readers to experiment with this form of therapy and to provide additional methods of augmenting the use of overdentures. Of all the great advances in valuable dental therapy, the development of the overdenture stands out among the most important.

Because this book has helped so many people, the authors felt justified in attempting to expand the knowledge of overdentures. Some of the original chapters have been altered and added to where necessary. Eleven new contributors have added six chapters. Welcome additions to the second edition are Nutritional Analysis and Counseling, Submucosal Vital Root Retention, The Crown and Sleevecoping Prosthesis, Occlusal Force Transmission by Overdentures, Postinsertion Instructions and Complications, and Magnetic Retention for the Overdenture. The authors have also added an appendix, which lists materials used, manufacturers, distributors, and addresses.

 This book will continue to supply a most needed addition to our clinical knowledge. New chapters were added as a result of questions from readers and newly developed methods. I highly endorse this second edition and recommend that it be added to the active practitioner’s library.

ISBN: 9780801607851 / 080160785X 

Published Date: 1980

Page Count: 447  , File Size: 100 Mb

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