Oxford Handbook of Integrated Dental Biosciences, 2nd Edition


  • Hugh Devlin
  • Rebecca Craven


The Oxford Handbook of Integrated Dental Biosciences presents medical sciences for the dental student in a concise and easily accessible format. It covers information on the applied basic sciences to ensure a clear understanding of how medical sciences are relevant to clinical dental practice. The science is made as clinically relevant as possible. It takes an evidence-based approach, referring to key guidelines and systematic reviews. Summaries and key point boxes help to aid understanding and quick reference. The handbook complements other related OHs in the series including Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry and Applied Medicine and Surgery in Dentistry.

ISBN: 978-0-19-875978-2

Published Date: 2018

Page Count:  337 , File Size: 20 Mb

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4 thoughts on “Oxford Handbook of Integrated Dental Biosciences, 2nd Edition

  1. Thanks, I’ve been waiting to read this book for ages. Finally, I can !!

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