Periodontology: A Conceptual Approach


D.S. Kalsi


The book comprises 32 fast paced chapters complete with all required information and written in simple language that ‘talks directly to the student’. Chapters and topics have been framed and arranged in an innovative way that facilitates conceptual understanding and learning. Information in these has been discussed in elaborate detail while maintaining focus on practical and clinical utility of facts and material. The detailed discussions and step-by-step instructions on topics and procedures are supplemented by rich content of numerous remarkable illustrations including diagrams, colour intra-oral photographs and radiographs that are self-explanatory. They help the reader learn concepts and practical ways to manage patients from diagnosis to the maintenance stage. These features of this comprehensive textbook make it immensely useful for graduate and post-graduate students of all abilities, faculty and dentists alike. Outstanding features: Focuses on development of conceptual knowledge and clinical skill needed to excel in examinations and successful patient management in clinics. Additional, useful and/or related information, important concepts etc. have been added in separate boxes titled Did you know? , Additional knowledge and ‘Background knowledge . Incorporates recent changes that have taken place in theory and practice of periodontology with respect to concepts, materials and procedures. Written in simple and flowcharted style to make text suited for all abilities with emphasis on what works and what will not work . More than 600 diagrams, radiographs and colour intra-oral photographs to help understand topics and build conceptual understanding. Relevant and commonly asked theory and viva questions at the end of each chapter.

ISBN: 978-93-87210-31-8

Published Date: 2018

Page Count: 1492 , File Size: 29 Mb

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