PHARMACOLOGY for Dental and Allied Health Sciences, 4th Edition


Padmaja Udaykumar


Pharmacology is the science that forms the basis for modern medicine. It is a rapidly changing field with new drugs being constantly introduced. The knowledge of pharmacology is important for all those who deal with drugs apart from medical practitioners, but the depth could vary. The need was felt for a short textbook for dental, nursing, physiotherapy and other health science students. The fourth edition of “Pharmacology for Dental and Allied Health Sciences” has been thoroughly revised, modified and updated. This textbook is divided into 14 sections and comprises total 51 chapters. The first section deals with general pharmacology. Autonomic nervous system drugs are discussed in the second section. Drugs acting on the kidney, cardiovascular system drugs and central nervous system drugs are covered in third to the fifth section. Autacoids, respiratory system drugs, drugs acting on blood, gastrointestinal tract drugs and chemotherapy I are discussed in sixth to tenth section. The eleventh section covers chemotherapy of tuberculosis and leprosy, antifungal drugs, antiviral drugs, chemotherapy of malaria, cancer chemotherapy, etc. Hormones are briefly described in twelfth section. The thirteenth section focuses on miscellaneous drugs and covers immunopharmacology, antiseptics and disinfectants, chelating agents, and vitamins. A detailed description on dental pharmacology has been presented in the last section of this textbook.

ISBN: 978-93-86056-85-6

Published Date: 2017

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