Restorative Techniques in Paediatric Dentistry, 2nd Edition


M. S. Duggal
M. E. J. Curzon
S. A. Fayle
K. J. Toynba
A. J. Robertson


This became one of the first books on the market to illustrate the various clinical strategies for healing, which is an increasing number of desired over extraction for primary enamel.

A revised and up to date edition of this successful text offers, in addition, new cloth on plastic restorations. Restorative techniques addresses the precise desires of the pediatric affected person, and it helps the clinician control the healing with the ones wishes in thoughts. 

As a conventional extent, it’s miles vital for every dentist, in particular people who work with youngsters and adolescents and mainly folks that carry out restorative dentistry.

ISBN: 1-85317-592-7

e-Book ISBN: 0-203-59496-7

Published Date: 2002

Page Count: 210  , File Size: 7 Mb

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