Retreatments Solutions for Periapical Diseases of Endodontic Origin


  • Pio Bertani
  • Massimo Gagliani
  • Fabio Gorni


Periapical pathologies of endodontic origin are found very often in individual patients, in fact they involve a large portion of the population. Acute diseases, or abscesses, are very common. These two premises would be enough to insert these occurrences among the most relevant diseases in the field of odontostomatology.

The ten chapters of the volume answer to fundamental questions about this area and the clinician who faces an apical pathology of endodontic origin will therefore have the solutions. The aim of this text/atlas is to provide a guide to the diagnostic approach and to the execution of endodontic retreatments of complex cases. The book is enriched by over 150 clinical cases by world-famous authors of various nationalities and illustrated with a high-quality iconography, expansion boxes and decision-making algorithms that guide the professional in the therapeutic choice.

ISBN: 978-88-214-5093-8
e-Book ISBN: 978-88-214-5094-5
Published Date: 2020
 File Size: 46 Mb

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Retreatments Solutions for Periapical Diseases of Endodontic Origin

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