Salivary Gland Tumours: Monographs in Clinical Cytology


 J. Klijanienko ;  P. Vielh


This monograph is based on a detailed review of more than 1,600 aspiration cytology biopsies of salivary gland tumors, including even rare entities, which were collected over a period of 45 years at the Institut Curie and correlated with histopathological diagnoses according to the most recent classifications (WHO and AFIP). Review of such a large series of cases has allowed the authors to specify diagnostic criteria for the great variety of tumor and tumor-like entities occurring at this site, including the rare ones. In order to facilitate cytological diagnosis, lesions are divided into adenomas, low-grade and high-grade malignancies, other tumors and tumor-like lesions, and further subclassified according to the dominant cell types. Both typical and unusual features are described, illustrated, and summarized in tables and key points for differential diagnosis. Guidelines for the practical clinical application of aspiration cytology related to salivary gland tumors as well as the accuracy of cytological diagnosis and a complete bibliography are presented. Preoperative cytological diagnosis may reduce the number of unnecessary surgical removals and avoid frozen sections which are notoriously difficult. Illustrated with numerous color photographs and representing the most up-to-date text of its kind, this handbook is a valuable resource primarily for surgical pathologists in the ENT field, but will also be of interest to surgeons, particularly those involved in head and neck pathology, and medical oncologists.

ISBN: 3805570244

Published Date: 2000

Page Count:  153 , File Size: 29 Mb

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