Technique and Application in Dental Anthropology


  • Joel D. Irish
  • Greg C. Nelson


Bringing together a variety of accomplished dental researchers, this book covers a range of topics germane to the study of human and other primate teeth. The chapters encompass work on individuals to samples, ranging from prehistoric to modern times. The focus throughout the book is the methodology required for the study of modern dental anthropology, comprising the scientific methods in use today – ranging from simple observation to advanced computer-based analyses – which can be utilized by the reader in their own dental research. Originating from the 20th anniversary meeting of the Dental Anthropology Association, this is a valuable reference source for graduate students, academic researchers and professionals in the social and life sciences, as well as clinicians.

ISBN:  978-0-521-87061-0

e-Book ISBN: 978-0-511-37857-7

Published Date: 2008

Page Count: 472 , File Size: 6 Mb

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