Temporomandibular Disorders, 2nd Edition (CLINICS IN PHYSICAL THERAPY)

  • Steven L. Kraus

A revised and reorganized edition of this text with emphasis on a broader approach. Includes all disciplines that work with these disorders including: physical therapists; dentists; and manual therapists. It also contains new chapters on: diagnostic tests; radiology; arthroscopy; postsurgical PT protocols; continuous passive motion; and medical management.

Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia. Clinics in Physical Therapy Series. New edition of a multidisciplinary reference for dental practitioners and physical therapists on the management of temporomandibular disorders. Previous 1988 edition entitled TMJ Disorders.

ISBN: 978-0443089244
ISBN: 0443089248
Published Date: 1994
Page Count:  505 , File Size: 64 Mb

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