Textbook of Dental Anatomy and Oral Physiology

Including Occlusion and Forensic Odontology

Manjunatha BS


This book, Textbook of Dental Anatomy and Oral Physiology, deals with dental anatomy. Knowledge of dental anatomy and tooth morphology is a foundation for all dental professionals and for the practice of dentistry. The textbook covers all traditional aspects of tooth morphology and dental occlusion; in addition, the book also includes a chapter which is a useful guide in practical exercises such as tooth carving. New and development areas of dentistry such as Forensic Odontology have also been covered from a dental anatomical perspective. For the postgraduate students, the section on tooth anomaly would be useful. Tooth anatomy and forensic odontology is a novel idea and for those pursuing a career in forensic dentistry, will find the information interesting. The clinician will benefit, if he understands the concept of tooth form and function underlying his preferred treatment options.

ISBN 9789350259955

Published Date: 2013

Page Count:  268 , File Size: 35 Mb

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