Textbook of Dental Materials, by Vijay Prakash

Textbook of Dental Materials, by Vijay Prakash


  • Vijay Prakash
  • Ruchi Gupta


This book contains 30 chapters which are written sequentially and divided into eight sections based on the purpose of each material. Section 1 is on the General Properties of Dental Materials which includes three chapters, one chapter on biocompatibility of dental materials. Section 2 contains five chapters which includes the Auxiliary Dental Materials such as Gypsum products, Dental waxes, Casting investments, Die and die materials and finishing and polishing materials. Section 3 is dedicated to various Impression materials covered in four chapters. Special focus is on the chapter Elastomeric impression materials. Section 4 is based on Denture Base Materials with a chapter each on Dental polymers and Denture base resins including the recent developments.

ISBN: 9789352702664
Published Date: 2019
Page Count:  592 , File Size: 24 Mb

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Textbook of Dental Materials, 1st Edition