Textbook of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, 1st Edition


Borle Rajiv M


This book is not just a compilation of literature but personal experiences of the authors, especially while working in the rural Indian circumstances have also been incorporated. Clinical pictures of various clinical conditions and photographic depictions of the surgical procedures have been added for better understanding. Certain diseases like temporomandibular ankylosis, oral submucous fibrosis which are predominantly seen in Indian subcontinent have been discussed in details. The Indian experiences in the Management of Oral Cancer where patients often report with advanced diseases and with varied presentation are shared. The topics such as management of burns, management of soft tissue trauma and medicolegal aspects of injury, which are not routinely covered in the textbook have been introduced for better readership. While writing the text, care has been taken to give explanations based on basics for better understanding to the beginners. At the same time the surgical anatomy relevant to the topic has also been discussed.

ISBN: 978-93-5152-009-2

Published Date: 2014

Page Count: 828  , File Size: 87 Mb

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