Textbook of Oral Pathology, 2nd Edition


  • Ghom Anil Govindrao
  • Mhaske (Jedhe) Shubhangi


In the study of oral and dental sciences, oral pathology is the subject that concentrates on the morphologic changes in oral tissues which cause diseases and the mechanisms of the disease process. The book Textbook of ORAL PATHOLOGY contains six sections which are divided into 35 chapters related to oral lesions/diseases inclusive of basic topics of oral pathology. The topics like microscopy, stains and routine as well as special investigations are noteworthy. The lots of updated information in the book will be helpful to undergraduates, postgraduates and also for practising dental fraternity. The clinical photographs, microphotographs and line diagrams incorporated in the book are definitely useful for in-depth understanding of the subject. The book gives an extensive coverage and emphasizes on detailed description, adequate well-labeled illustrations, flow charts, recent developments and molecular aspects. Aside from oral pathology in general, the initial phase of the book includes the basics of the embryology, anatomy and pathology. The study of microscope, tissue processing, diagnostic tests and advanced techniques are also included. Special attraction in the book is the multiple choice questions at the end of each chapter and the points to remember.

ISBN: 978-93-5090-171-7

Published Date:  2013

Page Count:  1050 ,File Size  61 Mb

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