Textbook of Preclinical Conservative Dentistry, 2nd Edition


Nisha Garg ; Amit Garg


Conservative Dentistry is the branch of dentistry which is concerned with the conservation of teeth in the mouth. It involves operative dentistry and endodontics, and includes various kinds of direct and indirect restorations of individual teeth in the mouth. This new edition has been fully revised to provide dental students with the most up to date information in the field. Beginning with an introduction to the topic, the following chapters provide step by step guidance through tooth morphology, decay, and various treatment procedures. New topics have been added to the second edition of this book including morphology of primary teeth, chair position and dental operatory, armamentarium, tooth preparation for primary teeth, adhesive dentistry, and examination spotters. Each chapter concludes with self-assessment questions and features clinical images and line diagrams to assist understanding.

ISBN: 978-93-86056-83-2

Published Date: 2017

Page Count: 233  , File Size: 44 Mb

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