The Art of Learning Preclinical Prosthodontics

  • Dr.Kasim Mohamed
  • Dr.M.Umamaheswari
  • Dr.N.Shanmuganathan
  • Dr.Jayanth Christian
  • Dr.S.Madhan Kumar
  • Dr.V. AnandKumar

The book aims in simplifying laboratory procedures in prosthodontics which solves the practical difficulties encountered by students. It comprises of pictorial representations, and the clinical application of each laboratory procedure. This will enable the student to observe, improve self-learning and also learn the text corresponding to each picture grasping the most probable exam questions. The target audience are not only undergraduate students it will be a refresher for first year Post graduate students and also of great help to Dental technicians.

The learning ability of the students is more when they see pictures rather reading text explaining facts to which they aren’t exposed initially. The book doesn’t fail to include all short citation pertaining to each picture portrayed. Hence when a student is given an opportunity to read such books it will help them to retain, reproduce, perform and practice better.

ISBN: 978-1644293126
e-Book ISBN: 978-1-64429-313-3
Published Date: 2018
Page Count:  412 , File Size: 27 Mb

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