The Business of Dentistry (Quintessentials)


Raj Rattan
George Manolescue


This book explores the interface between clinical dentistry and the management of a modern dental practice. It covers a range of business areas, including the principles of financial management and the use of financial ratios and indicators in relation to practice profitability. There will be an overview of modern marketing techniques including the concept of branding.


Chapter 1 What Business Are We In? (Raj Rattan)
Chapter 2 Success Factors (Raj Rattan)
Chapter 3 Patient-centered Care (Raj Rattan)
Chapter 4 Perception is Reality (Raj Rattan)
Chapter 5 Marketing (Raj Rattan)
Chapter 6 The Basic Principles of Finance (George Manolescue)
Chapter 7 Fee-setting (George Manolescue)
Chapter 8 Understanding Your Accounts (George Manolescue)
Chapter 9 Investment and Protections (George Manolescue)

ISBN: 1-85097-332-6

Published Date: 2002

Page Count:  146 , File Size: 2 Mb

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