The Dentists Quick Guide to Medical Conditions


  • Mea A. Weinberg
  • Stuart L. Segelnick
  • Joseph S. Insler


With increasing numbers of dental patients being elderly or having medical conditions, it is important for the dentist to understand how these conditions may impact dental treatment. The Dentist’s Quick Guide to Medical Conditions presents the relevant information dentists need—symptoms, diagnostic tests, medications prescribed, and dental management—for each disease and condition. Chapters will focus on each major bodily system, including respiratory, cardiovascular, hematologic, endocrine, gastrointestinal, immune, nervous, reproductive, and urinary, as well as chapters on the liver, kidneys, skin, and psychological conditions. Appendices list guidelines for antibiotic prophylaxis, additional conditions requiring antibiotics, and a quick list of diagnostic tests.

ISBN: 978-1-118-71011-1

Published Date: 2015

Page Count: 276  , File Size: 2 Mb

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The Dentists Quick Guide to Medical Conditions

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