The Human Face: An Account of the Postnatal Growth and Development of the Craniofacial Skeleton

Donald H. Enlow, Ph.D.
Professor of Anatomy, University of Michigan, and Director,
Craniofacial Program, University of Michigan Center
for Human Growth and Development, Ann Arbor

This monograph deals with a selected, specialized body of information. It is not intended to be an encyclopedia of factual and historical data covering all facets of craniofacial biology. The objective is to describe and illustrate a particular, fundamental mode of approach to the study of craniofacial growth. The contents describe primarily the complex behavior of bone tissue during the growth of the skull. Basic principles and concepts are emphasized throughout. The general approach is that of a morphologist concerned with postnatal morphogenesis, and the particular points of view are based largely on the author’s own investigations of bone remodeling and growth mechanisms in the human craniofacial skeleton.


Published Date: 1968 – online 2005

Page Count:  316 , File Size: 12 Mb

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