The Mandible: An Atlas of Osteological and Radiological Anatomy

The Mandible: An Atlas of Osteological and Radiological Anatomy


  • Joe Iwanaga
  • R. Shane Tubbs


The fine osteological and radiological anatomy involved in dental and oral surgery has progressed greatly in recent years, especially in the field of dental implants. In dental implant surgery, the maxilla and mandible are the operative fields. The frequent complications of dental implants on the maxilla are bleeding and iatrogenic maxillary sinusitis, but these are less likely to be lifethreatening injuries. However, dental implant surgery of the mandible can lead to serious complications such as mental nerve paresthesia and airway obstruction due to hematoma. Therefore, knowledge of anatomical structures relevant to the mandible is significant, and the authors have a long history of investigating normal anatomy and anatomical variations of the mandible. When the dentist needs a comprehensive photographic review of the anatomy focusing on the mandible, including welldescribed anatomy and rarely shown variations with both gross and radiologic observations, this book will prove to be a valuable resource that is useful for surgery. It is the first book of its kind devoted to the osteological and radiological anatomy of the mandible for dentists and oral surgeons. It will satisfy the growing demand in the field of surgery and education and will be welcomed and timely for clinicians and trainees in the field. It will be of benefit to general dentists, dental students, and specialists and residents of periodontics, dental implant, prosthodontics, and oral surgery, as well as craniofacial surgeons, anatomists, plastic surgeons, ENT surgeons, head and neck surgeons, medical students, dental hygienists, anthropologists, and forensic specialists.

ISBN: 9780398093785
e-Book ISBN: 9780398093792
Published Date: 2022
Page Count:  457 , File Size: 33 Mb

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