The Sinus Bone Graft, 1st Edition


Ole T. Jensen


This completely revised and greatly expanded edition offers authoritative recommendations concerning all aspects of sinus bone grafting procedures for rehabilitation of the atrophic maxilla. Written for the uninitiated as well as the experienced clinician, this comprehensive clinical monograph also guides readers through the maze of new materials and techniques that have been introduced to improve upon or even supplant this procedure. It answers questions such as whether autogenous bone is necessary and where best to harvest it; which bone substitutes are most effective in regenerating bone and how safe they are to use; what contraindications exist, and what complications might be expected; what characteristics of size/shape/surface morphology are most important in choosing an implant; and many others.

ISBN: 9780867157918
Published Date: 1998
Page Count: 205  , File Size: 37 Mb

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Newer 3rd edition also available: (2019)

The Sinus Bone Graft, 3rd Edition

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