The Vertical Dimension in prosthesis and orthognathodontics

Integration between function and aesthetics


Nazzareno Bassetti

Presented by: R. Slavicek and S. Sato


It is more and more frequent in complex rehabilitations that the aesthetic assessment prevails over function.
This book’s objective consists in outlining an operative management path of the vertical dimension where the optimal restoration of function coincides with the aesthetic result.
The vertical dimension is crucial both for a proper reconstruction of the occlusion and for a rehabilitation directed to the whole stomatognathic system.
The text proposes in a simple and practical way the key concepts drawn from Prof. Slavicek and Prof. Sato’s philosophy, cutting across all the rehabilitative branches of dentistry, from removable to fixed prosthesis, from implant prosthesis to orthodontics, either that of the growing age or the one implemented in adult patients.
•The book presents innovative, registered diagnostic and technical procedures (such as the Occlusal Mandibular Repositioning Technique, OMRT and the Early Mandibular Repositioning Technique, ERMT)
•Extensive case studies and numerous pictures take the reader in the practical execution of the described procedures
•Clinical cases come with their medium and long-term follow-up

Original title: La dimensione verticale in protesi e ortognatodonzia: Integrazione tra funzione ed estetica

ISBN: 978-88-214-3959-9

Published Date: 2017

Page Count: 380  , File Size: 29 Mb

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The Vertical Dimension in prosthesis and orthognathodontics

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