Understanding Partial Denture Design, 1st Edition


  • K. w. Tyson
  • R. Yemm
  • B.J.J Scoot


Understanding Partial Denture Design provides a step-by-step, highly illustrated guide to this difficult but core area of dentistry. The first section of the book is dedicated to general practices of partial dentures, focussing on how they work. The second section allows students to put theory into practice: profiling the patient and the denture; including assessment and the associated design sequence. The final section of the book concentrates on problem solving, including more challenging areas of denture design, such as provisions of partial dentures for complex and deteriorating dentitions.

A key strength of the book is its ability to de-mystify the mechanics of functional and comfortable partial denture design, giving students and newly qualified dentists the fundamental understanding to thrive with this sector of their caseload.

ISBN: 9780198510925

Published Date: 2007

Page Count: 148 , File Size: 11 Mb

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