A Clinical Guide to Crowns and Other Extra-Coronal Restoration (BDJ)


VOLUME 192 NO. 3 VOLUME 193 NO. 3

Crowns and other extra-coronal restorations:

  • Introduction
  • Part-1 Changing patterns and the need for quality
  • Part-2 Materials selection
  • Part-3 Considerations when planning treatment
  • Part-4 Endodontic considerations: the pulp, the root-treated tooth and the crown
  • Part-5 Occlusal considerations and articulator selection
  • Part-6 Aesthetic control
  • Part-7 Cores for teeth with vital pulps
  • Part-8 Preparations for full veneer crowns
  • Part-9 Provisional restorations
  • Part-10 Impression materials and technique
  • Part-11 Try-in and cementation of crowns
  • Part-12 Porcelain laminate veneers
  • Part-13 Resin-bonded metal restorations

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