A Clinical Guide to Occlusion (BDJ)

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This series is aimed at practical dentists but is not a ‘how-to-do’ handbook. It is designed to provide a working philosophy that is in line with contemporary good practice to be used in everyday clinical practice. Recommendations are supported by evidence from clinical research wherever possible. The authors however acknowledge the need sometimes to draw on the body of clinical experience and perceived wisdom and sensible reasons are given for recommendations if clinical evidence is lacking.
Each article begins with clearly stated aims and concludes with a short list of guidelines for good clinical practice, directly related to the aims. Successive chapters then build on the preceding chapters, each adding in turn to the list of guidelines. This results, at the end of the series of articles, in a comprehensive list that is the ‘Guidelines of good clinical practice’.

ISBN: 9780904588682

Published Date: 2002

Page Count:  75 , File Size: 3 Mb

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