Temporomandibular Disorders: A Problem-Based Approach, 2nd Edition

Temporomandibular Disorders: A Problem-Based Approach, 2nd Edition

A valuable resource on how to diagnose and treat temporomandibular disorders (TMD)


  • M. Ziad Al-Ani
  • Robin J. M. Gray


The newly and thoroughly revised 2nd Edition of Temporomandibular Disorders: A Problem-Based Approach delivers a systematic and logical approach to diagnosing and treating temporomandibular disorders.

Using a case-based approach to assist readers with understanding and retention, the book discusses the practical realities of managing patients and promoting effective treatment of temporomandibular disorders. Containing full colour clinical images and diagrams throughout, the chapters include practical guides on how to make splints and samples of patient information sheets which can be used as templates. Readers will get access to topics such as:

  • The clinical aspects of anatomy, function, pathology, and classification
  • Differential diagnosis of temporomandibular joint problems
  • Clicking joint problems and the use of preliminary investigation in disc displacement
  • Temporomandibular joint locking diagnosis and treatment, including final treatment plans
  • Facial pain examinations, differential diagnosis, and questions to ask patients regarding pain in general
  • Headaches, worn teeth, dislocated jaws, and more issues that arise in the treatment of temporomandibular joint problems

Perfect for undergraduate dental students and general dental practitioners, the new edition of Temporomandibular Disorders is also useful to postgraduate dental students, academics, and researchers.

ISBN: 9781119618744
e-Book ISBN: 9781119618768
Published Date: 2021
Page Count:  307, File Size: 10 Mb

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Temporomandibular Disorders: A Problem-Based Approach, 2nd Edition