A Clinical Guide to Removable Partial Denture Design – BDJ


Davenport JC
Basker RM
Heath JR, Ralph JP
Glantz PO
Hammond P


All stages in the care of patients requiring removable partial dentures are important and none more so than the design of the prostheses. This book provides a thorough, logical journey through the process of design beginning with procedures and general principles before progressing to the principles of design.

Importantly, the book also includes a self-assessment section in which the reader can test his or her knowledge and understanding against an international team of expert prosthodontists.

Chapters include:
• Communication between the dentist and the dental technician
• Classification of the partially edentulous arch
• Surveying
• Saddles
• Bracing and reciprocation
• Indirect retention
• Connectors
• Occlusal rests
• Clasps
• Mandibular connectors
• Maxillary connectors
A companion volume to A Clinical guide to Removable Partial Dentures by the same authors, this guide acts as a colour atlas to partial denture design, incorporating excellent artwork to illustrate the fine points of this skilful and vitally important aspect of patient dental care.

ISBN: 978-0904588637
Published Date: 2000

Page Count: 110  , File Size: 27 Mb

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