A Clinical Guide to Complete Denture Prosthetics (BDJ)


J F McCord, A A Grant

Publisher : British Dental Journal

Chapters include 

  • Clinical assessment
  • Pre-definitive treatment: rehabilitation prostheses
  • Impression making
  • Registration: Stage 1 – creating and outlining the form of the upper denture
  • Registration: Stage 2 – intermaxillary relations
  • Registration: Stage 3 – selection of teeth
  • Trial dentures, insertion of processed dentures and review of complete dentures
  • Technical aspects of complete denture construction
  • Identification of complete denture problems: a summary
  • Specific clinical problem areas


Reflecting current changes in the philosophy of the provision of complete dentures, A Clinical Guide to Complete Denture Prosthetics deals with trends in edentulousness, changes in perception towards edentulousness and the treatment modalities involved in providing complete dentures.

Building on the direct and extensive clinical experience of the authors, the book is also the result of feedback that they have received on the subject from many hundreds of colleagues who have attended their postgraduate teaching sessions.

The result is a highly readable book, which is not intended to replace a standard textbook on prosthetics but to serve as a chair-side guide or aide-memoire of clinical procedures for the clinician with an interest in complete denture therapy.

ISBN: 978-0904588644
Published Date: 2000

Page Count: 73  , File Size: 30 Mb

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