Basic Guide to Anatomy and Physiology for Dental Care Professionals


Carole Hollins


The Basic Guide to Anatomy and Physiology for Dental Care Professionals introduces the fundamentals of human anatomy and physiology to the student Dental Care Professional.
Written in a clear, accessible style, it provides dental nurses, hygienists, therapists and clinical dental technicians with essential grounding in the head and neck area, as well as all the body systems that have implications for the DCP when things go wrong.
Beginning with a definition of anatomy and physiology, and with all the basics of cell, tissue and organ biology, this Basic Guide covers:the cardiovascular, respiratory and digestive systems, all of which are central to the DCP curriculumcore areas such as skull and oral anatomy, periodontal tissues, blood and nerve supply to the oral cavity, muscles of mastication, and major salivary glandsareas such as jaw and tooth development, and the histology or oral and dental tissue
Each area is covered separately and in depth, giving the reader an understanding of their structure and function in health as well as illnesses relevant to medical emergencies and dental-related disorders (such as acid reflux which causes tooth erosion).

ISBN: 978-0-470-65611-2

Published Date: 2012

Page Count: 194 , File Size  6 Mb

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