Biocompatibility of Dental Biomaterials


Richard Shelton

Biocompatibility of Dental Biomaterials details and examines the fundamentals of biocompatibililty, also including strategies to combat it. As biomaterials used in the mouth are subject to different problems than those associated with the general in vivo environment, this book examines these challenges, presenting the latest research and forward-thinking strategies.
Key Features
  • Explores the fundamentals of dental biomaterials and their compatibility
  • Presents a thorough review of material specific issues

Researchers in industry and academia with a particular interest in improving the biocompatibility of dental biomaterials. Also clinicians looking for information on novel materials

ISBN: 9780081008843

e-Book ISBN: 9780081009437

Published Date: 2017

Page Count: 151  , File Size: 5 Mb

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