Bone Regeneration in Implantology: Tooth as a Graft

Bone Regeneration in Implantology: Tooth as a Graft


  • Flavio Pisani


Grafting materials must be safe, biocompatible and able to guarantee lasting results. Among the fundamental features of the ideal material is the ability to promote bone regeneration. The autologous tooth is a very promising candidate because it allows osteoinduction and its maintenance after the treatment. After examining the current scientific evidence and studies carried out at the Politecnico di Milano (Milan, Italy), The tooth as a graft provides an overview of all the aspects of bone regeneration and the various devices available on the market are presented and compared, their use explained step-by-step, from cleaning the tooth to the grinding, to the treatment of the material before grafting.

ISBN: 9788821455346
e-Book ISBN: 9788821454417
Published Date: 2021
Page Count:  348 , File Size: 28 Mb

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