CDT 2021 Coding Companion-Training for the Dental Team

New codes, new staff, new diagnoses these situations can slow down the billing process and cause coding confusion. This training guide and companion book to CDT 2021: Current Dental Terminology compiles more than 200 frequently asked coding questions and gives the answers dentists and dental teams need. It also presents more than 140 common dental coding scenarios and explains how to properly resolve them.

The CDT Companion explains codes dealing with:
  • Counseling for the control and prevention of adverse oral, behavioral, and systemic health effects associated with risk substance use, including vaping
  • Medicament application for the prevention of caries
  • Image captures done through teledentistry by a licensed practitioner to forward to another dentist for interpretation
  • Testing to identify patients who may be infected with SARS-CoV-2 (aka COVID-19)
  • Developed by the ADA, the official source for CDT codes.
  • Organized by category of service so information is easier to find based on the specific needs of your dental practice.
  • Illustrated section on coding for implants.
  • Explains ICD-10 Diagnosis codes and how they relate to dentistry.
  • Index by numeric code.
  • Alphabetic index by topic
  • Section on coding for patients with special healthcare needs

May reduce claims rejection because it helps improve coding skills, saving both money and time, and frees up staff for other duties because if they code correctly, they spend less time on coding in general. Written by a variety of coding experts, including dental consultants, practicing dentists, dental school faculty, dental specialty association representatives and insurance industry veterans.

ISBN: 978-1-68447-066-2
e-Book ISBN: 978-1-68447-067-9
Published Date: 2021
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