Essentials of Clinical Periodontology and Periodontics, 3rd Edition


Shantipriya Reddy


The book “Essentials of Clinical Periodontology and Periodontics” elucidates the comprehensive information about the supporting structures of teeth and also encompasses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the supporting structures. This book contains 53 chapters and each chapter has been revised and updated. The first three chapters discuss on the anatomy, development and biology of different periodontal (tooth-supporting) structures. Moving on to further chapters, the classification, epidemiology, etiopathogenesis of periodontal diseases are explained in a detailed manner. The different periodontal diseases and diseases in children and young adolescents are also elucidated here. Periodontium combined with AIDS is also described in this book. The treatment of periodontics associated with nonsurgical techniques (scaling and root planing, plaque control) and surgical therapy (gingival curettage, gingivectomy, periodontal flap, osseous surgery and mucogingival surgery) is explained in detail.

ISBN: 978-93-5025-037-2

Published Date: 2011

Page Count: 514 , File Size: 17 Mb

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