Essentials of Prosthodontics

Author :

Ghosh Pradip K

Description :
Prosthodontics is one of the major branches of dentistry which deals with making of complete and partial dentures to replace the lost all or few natural teeth. It also deals with obturators and maxillofacial prosthesis to correct the deformities following major surgery on oral cavity and face. All of this is science as well as art that mean one’s skill also plays an important role for the success of the task undertaken. The popular saying “A thing of beauty is joy forever” is very much true in this branch of dentistry because good looking and functionally satisfactory dentures give lot of satisfaction to both the dentist as well as to the wearer. So “Good dentures are a thing of beauty and joy forever”. However, to produce such good looking, functionally satisfactory dentures are a tricky job. That means fundaments must be understood first. This is where the true value of this book is—the book is in five parts: (i) Introduction—4 chapters, (ii) Laboratory procedures for complete dentures—7 chapters, (iii) Clinical procedures for complete dentures—5 chapters, (iv) Partial dentures—4 chapters, (v) Crowns, bridges and miscellaneous—5 chapters. Simple step by step procedures in all the parts are explained in simple language with plenty of drawings, and photographs, will remove all confusions about the tricky work of making dentures. The style of discussing the subject is simply wonderful because it goes to the root of the matter and by giving examples of everyday life, the mind-bogging aspect of the topics are easily understood and made interesting. Essentials of prosthodontics is a product of author’s forty years of private dental practice in India and abroad including twenty-four years of teaching experience in different dental colleges in Karnataka (India). The book also fulfills the requirements of University syllabus for the purpose of BDS examination as well. Thus the students and practitioners of dentistry will be immensely benefited by reading this book.

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