Esthetic Dentistry and Ceramic Restorations


Bernard Touti ; Daniel Nathonson ; Paul Miara


Accepted worldwide as one of the most important new areas in clinical dentistry, esthetic dentistry is undergoing constant expansion and advancement.
Here is the first complete practitioner’s guide to the field, with key techniques for improving, restoring, or rebuilding single teeth with a wide range of ceramic systems. Written by a renowned international team who has pioneered several of the techniques in use today, the book covers both basic principles and clinical and laboratory procedures, with dozens of case examples and before-and-after photographs.

This book provides all the information needed to understand and implement esthetic procedures into daily practice — plus the key observation, analysis and decision-making skills that will lead to the best results.

This book distributed by Thieme for Martin Dunitz Publishers in the United States and Canada.

ISBN: 1-85317-159-X

Published Date: 1999

Page Count:  330 , File Size: 29 Mb

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